Fast performance. Quiet power. Real-time results.

Shark Air Purifiers efficiently clean your home's air, intelligently tracking air quality and automatically adjusting cleaning power, for all-day clean air confidence. Available in a range of sizes to suit every home.

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Shark Air Purifier 4 HE400UK product photoShark Air Purifier 4 HE400UK product photo Side New M
Shark Air Purifier 4 HE400UK
£ 229.99
£ 279.99
Shark Air Purifier 6 HE600UK product photoShark Air Purifier 6 HE600UK product photo Side New M
Shark Air Purifier 6 HE600UK
£ 299.00
£ 349.99


Klik ‘n' Flip Technology

Powerful air purifier fans

Whether you choose a 4-fan or 6-fan model, Shark's air purifiers efficiently clean air and quickly circulate it throughout your room. 

Dirt Grip Technology

Clean Sense IQ

All-day clean air confidence. Clean Sense IQ intelligently tracks your home’s air quality and automatically adjusts cleaning power until air is 100% cleaned. Real-time results are reported on the display screen.

Lift-Away Technology

Auto-adjusts cleaning power

Built-in sensors detect and track air quality changes for you in real time. Auto mode then adjusts the fan speeds automatically. When your air quality reaches 100%, the fans will go into power saving standby mode.

Steam Blaster

Multi-Staged Filtration

The Shark filter removes and neutralises odours, captures 99.97% of pollutants and allergens at 0.3 microns, and traps dirt, dander and particles.